How to Build the Best Snowman

Tips and Tricks for Building the Best Snowman in Breckenridge!

January 7, 2022 / by Sammy Mazza

Family building a snowman

Do you want to build the best snowman? While on your next winter vacation, here are some tips for creating the best snowman—even one that Frosty himself would be proud of!

Know the snow!

The best type of snow comes when the temperature is right around freezing. The snow you will be most successful with the perfect balance between wet and powdery.

Find the perfect location

Give your snowman the best chance at a long life by building in a flat and shady area. Prevent his facial features from melting down his body by facing him away from the sun. Ideally, your spot will be in the center of the patch of snow you plan to roll your balls in.

Aim for the 3-2-1 structure 

Help your snowman find his balance by aiming for the 3-2-1 snowball ratio. Also, consider that the lower to the ground your snowman is, the more stable it will be. Start by forming a snowball with your hands. Keep adding more and more snow to it until it’s too big to hold. Then place it on the ground and roll it in directions opposite as you. Change directions as you roll it to make the ball a spherical as possible. Flatten the top of the bottom ball and the bottom of the middle ball before stacking to improve the stability. Repeat for each part.

Place a stick down the center where the sections meet for extra stability.

Once assembled, pack the snow between the three snowballs to help keep your snowman intact.

Safety Tip: Lift every snowball with your legs, not your back, to prevent injury.

Get creative with the decorations.

Just because building a snowman is a classic activity doesn’t mean you can’t use nontraditional decorations. Give your snowman a funky cap or an ugly sweater to wear. Give your snowman crazy hair by using an old plant. Use kitchen tools like serving spoons and butter knives to help sculpt out the finer details. You could use little red and white peppermints for your cheeks or even paint your snowman with a spray bottle filled with a mixture of food coloring and water.

But always remember, a snowman isn’t a snowman until it has a name—so be creative!