Breckenridge Information

Breckenridge and Pop Culture

There's no denying it - Breckenridge has made its mark on Popular culture. Starting in the 20th Century, the little Rocky Mountain town began to make appearances in film, sports, and other prevalent activities. Breckenridge continues to leave a mark as a charming place that encompasses mountain culture and draws in visitors from across the world.

Dog-Friendly Guide to Breckenridge

We love our dogs here in Breckenridge, and we know you do, too! As a valued member of the family, bringing Fido on your vacation is a no-brainer. Lucky for you, Breckenridge is a dog's paradise with miles of hiking trails, outdoor patios and even Fido-friendly accommodations.

Top 10 Spots for Fall Pictures in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is quite possibly the best mountain escape for Autumn for several reasons. However, capturing the beauty of the changing colors among the mountain vistas is the top.

Top 7 Items to Pack This Fall

Jacket? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Hiking boots? Check. Mountain bike? Check. Fall in the mountains can present many different climates or activities. Make sure you're ready for all of them!

Top 5 Breckenridge Winter Vacation Photo Spots

Capture that perfect holiday card-worthy photo from your time in Breckenridge. These are the top 5 winter photo opp spots.
Alternative Transportation in Breckenridge

Free and Paid Public Transportation in Breckenridge

Getting around is free and easy! There are free public…

How to Dress Like a Breckenridge Local

Western wear to looking good on the trail, here’s what to pack and how to craft your own homegrown Breckenridge style.

Wildlife in Breckenridge: Do’s and Don’ts

Spring has sprung in Breckenridge and that means wildlife is…

Five Reasons to Come to Breckenridge on Weekdays

Like you need a reason to come to Breck anyways. With the great…

How to Save Money on your Trip to Breckenridge

Breckenridge’s renowned decorations aren’t the only festivities…


So, you’ve finally found some time to escape the bustle and…

7 Things to Know Before Moving to Breck

Moving to the mountains is a big deal. Here are our top tips for finding housing, employment and happiness in Breckenridge.