Breckenridge Information

Free and Paid Public Transportation in Breckenridge

Next time you visit Breckenridge, be sure to take advantage of the free transportation offered around town!

Breckenridge Blooms

Colorado is one of the best places to view wildflowers and there are hundreds of varieties to look for! The flowers typically start emerging around late May to early June and stick around through August- peaking in July. Our guide will show you the most common varieties you will find around our home in Breckenridge. Stop and smell the flowers, and let us know what you find!

Why Breckenridge Is So Much More Than a Ski Town

Whether you're drawn to the winter wonderland charm, the summer's sun-kissed adventures, the tranquility of spring, or the autumnal splendor, experience firsthand why Breckenridge is a cherished destination, each and every season.

Navigating High Altitude Travel

Welcome to Breckenridge, where the air is thin, the views are spectacular, and adventure awaits at every turn. Perched at 9600’ high in the Rockies, Breckenridge offers a literal breathtaking travel experience. However, with great altitude comes great responsibility. In this blog, we'll chat about traveling to altitude and its effects on the body, how to prepare for your trip, and what to do if you find yourself feeling the effects of altitude sickness.

Breckenridge and Pop Culture

There's no denying it - Breckenridge has made its mark on Popular culture. Starting in the 20th Century, the little Rocky Mountain town began to make appearances in film, sports, and other prevalent activities. Breckenridge continues to leave a mark as a charming place that encompasses mountain culture and draws in visitors from across the world.

Dog-Friendly Guide to Breckenridge

We love our dogs here in Breckenridge, and we know you do, too! As a valued member of the family, bringing Fido on your vacation is a no-brainer. Lucky for you, Breckenridge is a dog's paradise with miles of hiking trails, outdoor patios and even Fido-friendly accommodations.

How to Dress Like a Breckenridge Local

Western wear to looking good on the trail, here’s what to pack and how to craft your own homegrown Breckenridge style.

Wildlife in Breckenridge: Do’s and Don’ts

With the abundance of critters here in Breckenridge, don’t be surprised to see a family of foxes scurrying through town or a moose taking a stroll down the road while you’re visiting. Spring is a delicate time for the wildlife here and respecting our trail closures and wilderness areas are critical. Here are some guidelines you should be aware of to protect both the wildlife and yourself.

Five Reasons to Come to Breckenridge on Weekdays

Like you need a reason to come to Breck anyways. With the great…

How to Save Money on your Trip to Breckenridge

Breckenridge’s renowned decorations aren’t the only festivities…

How to Do Breck in a Day

What better way to spend a free day than in the mountains for some good old fashioned fun?! There’s only one problem; one day of exploring is all you can spare before getting back to reality. With limited time and unlimited activities, organizing your trip to Breck can become quite challenging. Fear not, we’re here to help!