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Things To Do in Breckenridge Besides Ski and Snowboard

October 25, 2023 / Lily Windsor

Breckenridge in the winter recalls the picturesque image of a little town that almost looks more like a snow globe sitting before a majestic mountain range, abundant with ski runs. While it’s true that most of our winter tourists come to visit Breckenridge for the world-renowned skiing and snowboarding, what is there to do when you’re not out there enjoying the slopes? Or if skiing or boarding really isn’t your cup of tea at all? Fortunately, Breckenridge offers so many ways to find unique fun and enjoy the beauty of winter, no matter how much or how little skiing is on the agenda of your dream vacation.

Nordic Skiing

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, but still want to get outside and perhaps enjoy some natural scenery at a slower pace, one of Breck’s two Nordic centers might be the place to look for your next winter adventure. Breckenridge Nordic Center and Gold Run Nordic Center both rent out Nordic Skis (also known as cross-country skis) and offer an abundance of groomed trails. Cross-country skiing was designed to traverse snow-covered areas and is both great exercise and a fantastic way to see beautiful sights that cannot be found on the resort. If you have the urge to go even further off the beaten path, both of these locations also rent snowshoes and can direct you to the best snowshoe hikes in the area.

Carter Park Sledding Hill

A family-favorite way to enjoy the snow is a good, old fashioned sledding day. Carter Park is located on the south end of Breckenridge a couple blocks off of Main Street, and a wonderful sledding hill for the whole family to enjoy. You can snag a free sled from the “sled shed” located at the park or buy your own sled at our local City Market or Peekaboo Toys on Main Street. And of course, don’t forget to conclude the adventure with some hot chocolate.

Dog Sledding

Sledding with an adorable pack of Huskies is another unique way to get out and enjoy the winter conditions in Breckenridge. Good Times Adventures conducts epic dog-sledding tours that weave into the forests of Breckenridge and surround you with the peace of nature. This is a truly unique experience that is a must-do for dog-lovers or anyone who wants to see the backcountry of Colorado in a totally new way. Visit their website for more information and booking.


Looking for a high-adventure activity and another way to explore the backcountry of Colorado? Snowmobiling is a great activity for families with older children and groups of friends. There are a few different tours offered in the Breckenridge area that will lead you and your group to various routes around the mountains. With the different tours, there are options to find which is best for you and your group. Check out Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours or Good Times Adventures Wherever you choose to go, be prepared to get a beautiful new perspective of the mountains in the area.

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Ice Skating

Tired of playing in the powder but still looking for a classic winter activity? With an indoor and outdoor ice rink, look no further than ice skating at Breckenridge’s Steven C. West Ice Area for public skate sessions and hockey opportunities. You can check their schedule online at their website or call the ice rink at (970-547-9974). You can also head up to the public outdoor ice rink at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 for picturesque views adjacent to the ski resort!

Sleigh Rides

Imagine curling up under a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and listening to the gentle beat of horse hooves as you watch snow-covered trees pass you by. There are few things that are more picturesque than a horse-drawn sleigh ride, especially around the holidays. Breckenridge is home to two sleigh ride businesses, with each bringing a unique approach to the experience. Breckenridge Stables operates on Peak 9 and offers picturesque views of Breckenridge in the evening from the slopes. Golden Horseshoe Tours takes its guests on a journey back in time to an old mining camp to enjoy dinner and show. Both offer an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for families, couples, or friends.

Ready Paint Fire Art Studio

With an abundance of ways to play out in the snow, sometimes a cozy indoor activity is the perfect way to get some relaxation. Ready Paint Fire is a local art studio that offers pottery, painting, mosaic, and candle making to name a few of the crafts available. It is a great place to wind down and warm up on a chilly winter day. Enjoy painting and sipping wine with a friend or bringing the whole family to create some homemade Breckenridge souvenirs. Check out their website or call (970-771-4341).

Breck Create Classes

Breck Create is another great place to find fun, indoor activities in the winter. Offering a myriad of classes such as pottery, jewelry making, metalsmithing, glassblowing, painting and so much more, Breck Create is the perfect opportunity to take a cold winter day to learn something new and have a project to show for it! Oftentimes, there are multiple classes offered a week. Be sure to check out the event calendar at their website.

Mountain Top Exploratorium

Mountain Top Exploratorium is a children’s museum filled with interactive exhibits designed for kids to play and express their creativity. Exhibits range from learning about Rocky Mountain wildlife, to arts and crafts, and everything in-between! Perfect kid’s activity for those especially chilly winter days, or simply a break from the slopes. Check out their website for special events and current exhibits.


In the past couple of years Breckenridge has become home to a small handful of unique arcades. Looking for some dinner with entertainment? Head down to the Underworld Arcade located Downstairs at Eric’s to enjoy pizza, wings, and a large selection of games on the side. A little walk away down Main Street sits the I Scream Arcade, found upstairs above a local ice cream shop. This is a ticket arcade, where tickets won in the games can be used to purchase fun souvenirs! Down on the south end of Breckenridge sits a candy shop called Rocketfizz where you can slow down, grab a soda, and go play some classic, nostalgic arcade games.

Escape Rooms

Feel like solving a fast-paced puzzle with family or a group of friends? Breckenridge boasts multiple escape rooms with many fun and unique themes to entertain any group. Local escape rooms can be found at Escape Room Breckenridge, Mountain Time Escape Rooms, World of Escapes, and at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8! Check them out and find the perfect adventure for your group!

Historic Breckenridge

Breckenridge is home to a rich town history, complete with dozens of historic buildings and sites. There are many museums and exhibits dotted throughout the town, as well as walking tours where a guide leads your group to different locations throughout Breckenridge. It is a fantastic way to learn more about where you are staying, and the history of a unique little mining town. Check out for information on museums, tours, and Breckenridge history in general.

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Breckenridge Recreation Center

Another local place to beat the cold is the Breckenridge Recreation Center. Boasting a large fitness facility complete with tennis and pickleball courts, a large indoor rock-climbing wall, and a vast pool complete with waterslides and hot tubs, it is a great place to stay moving, and have some fun, without having to brave the coldest of winter days. Check out their website to see everything the facility offers.

Breckenridge Library

Check out this beautiful historic building that is home to Breckenridge’s South Branch Library. It is the perfect place to get cozy with a book or bring the kids as it has an amazing children’s section. The library also holds multiple events a month for both kids and adults. Be sure to check out their calendar and website for fun activities!

Take a Walk Down Main Street

A simple recommendation, but a must-do activity all the same. Breckenridge Main Street is truly magical in the wintertime, glowing with Christmas lights, cozy local shops, and often, the gentle falling of fresh snowflakes. Grab a cup of hot chocolate from any of our number of coffee shops and check out all the unique local businesses our town has to offer, most of which are only found here in Breckenridge, Colorado.