Alternative Ways Down The Mountain

10/10/18 By: Heidi Hofland

We are less than a month out from opening day at Breckenridge ski resort and while most people are thinking of epic powder lines and ripping down the mountain on one or two planks, there are plenty of alternative ways to get down the mountain and have a blast doing so. Yes, this may sound blasphemous to some but the following ways to get down the mountain can be a unique adventure in itself and a nice change of pace from hitting the slopes on your skis or board.

1. Ski Biking

If you love mountain biking and you love snow, you will love ski biking! Rip down the mountain on a bike that has skis instead of tires along with some small planks under your feet to help. Laugh the day away with friends and race them down the mountain on ski bikes. You won’t regret doing so.

2. Snurfing

Snurfing is the pioneer that turned snowboarding into what it is today. Although technology has developed over the decades the concept still remains the same. Step on the snurf board. Hold the cord and rip down the mountain without being strapped in by your feet. Wait for the smiles to follow.

3. Snow Skating

To put it quite simply snow skating is skateboarding on snow. Snowskates are bindingless and are used to perform tricks. Snow Skates come in many different varieties. Breckenridge has an avid snow skater. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might see him snowskating down the mountain or ripping tricks in the terrain park.

4. Tubing

No matter what age you are tubing down the hill is a blast. Grab the whole family for some winter fun. Don’t feel like paying for tubing? Get creative on where you go tube or head to local Carter Park for a free fun activity.

5. Glissading

What’s glissading? I’m glad you asked. It’s sitting on your butt directly on the snow and sliding down the mountain! It’s typically found in winter mountaineering and utilizes an ice axe to control speed.

There you have it, our top 5 alternative ways to get down the mountain. So the next time you have a down day or just want to try something new don’t forget about these other ways to have fun on the hill.

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