Mountain Town Museum Tour

The town of Breckenridge (or Kingdom, as it was first known) was founded in 1859. Starting off as a mining settlement and morphing into the bustling ski town we know today, there is over 150 years of stories, characters and interesting events that have taken place above 9,600 ft. If you are looking to dive deep into the rich history of Breckenridge, here is a list of our top museums and historical sites to uncover!

  1. Breckenridge Welcome Center History Museum & Theater
    Location: 203 S. Main Street

     This free museum is a great way to learn about the history of Breckenridge and get information for planning your activities. Their rotating exhibits focus on the town, businesses and inhabitants that once called Breck home. This museum was once a log cabin that was covered up by newer buildings but was rediscovered and restored for all to enjoy.
  2. High Line Railroad Park & Playground
    Location: 189 Boreas Pass RoadThis is an amazing playground surrounded by historically accurate trains including the narrow gauge engine and the rotary snow plow. Behold the Rotary snow plow and imagine a time when this train would come roaring down the tracks while clearing off the snow to make it up the mountains. Another bonus of this playground and park is that it is located close to the resident troll, Isaak Hearthstone.
  3. Barney Ford House Museum
    Location: 111 East Washington Avenue
     Experience the historic Victorian home of one of Colorado’s most prolific businessmen. Barney Ford came to Colorado after already having lived an exciting life—escaping slavery, traveling to Nicaragua to open a business, and persisting through civil war and natural disasters which shuttered his early endeavors. He opened a hotel and Ford’s Chop House before going on to construct his home which is now a museum. Ford was an activist for equal education and voting rights for African Americans and is remembered for his persistence in the face of adversity.

  4. Iowa Hill Hike 
    Location: Iowa Hill Trail Head, Airport Road

    Learn about the deep mining history here in Breckenridge by exploring Iowa Hill on a short family-friendly hike. On this hike you can see and learn about the hydraulic placer mining that took place on this very site. Take in the sights, see the old boarding house, railcar and some fresh mountain air on this trek through time.
  5. Breckenridge Historic District
    Location: North end of Main Street

    A stroll down the north end of Main Street is all you need to take in the sites of these historic buildings and their new inhabitants. In the spring you will find fox pups frolicking in the grass near by or playing on the old mining equipment.
  6. Mountain Top Explorium
    Location: 100 South Park Avenue Unit C100

    The Mountain Top Explorium is a unique children’s museum & community resource designed to promote informal learning through interactive exhibits and educational programming that nurtures relationships between children and their world. Since 2002, this center for hands-on learning and creative expression has been a cornerstone of the Breckenridge community, offering a wide range of programs aimed at enriching the lives of children and families.
  7. Gold Pan Saloon
    Location: 103 N. Main Street
    Looking for a stop that parents will especially enjoy? Enjoy a visit to the watering hole which holds the longest continuous liquor license this side of the Mississippi River. The Gold Pan has been serving refreshments to customers for over 140 years and hosts of Breckenridge history and lore. After you’ve ordered a  libation, make sure to check out the safe that allegedly held Tom’s Baby, the largest piece of gold ever found in Colorado. If you are feeling famished, I highly recommend the French onion soup!
  8. Edwin Carter Discovery Center
    Location: 111 N. Ridge Street

    Visit the home of Edwin Carter, a Colorado conservationist who catalogued over 3,300 species of rocky mountain flora and fauna. His collection was so vast and comprehensive, it served as the basis for the collection of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This is believed to be the second oldest museum in Colorado!

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