Snowboarders enjoying Spring Conditions at Breckenridge Ski Resort

5 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge in April and May

No matter what month you visit Breckenridge you are sure to experience a sense of mountain magic coming from our charming town. Everyone knows about the holidays, summers and our amazing ski season, but what about spring? Let us tell you why April and May are some amazing times to visit Breckenridge.

  1. Extended Spring Ski Season

Snowboarders enjoying a surprise spring powder day

The town of Breckenridge sits at 9,600 feet above sea level, and the ski resort sits even higher up on the mountain, this means that while you’re enjoying the spring sunshine you won’t have to sacrifice great ski conditions. Breckenridge Ski Resort usually keeps its amazing terrain open through mid-April and then gradually begins reducing terrain (starting with Peaks 10 and 6) based on conditions. Still, Peaks 8 and 7 become the spring skiing hub for those looking to get in those late-season laps on less crowded slopes. Once May rolls around, the BreckConnect Gondola ceases operation due to wildlife migration patterns, guests can access to the ski resort via bus from the Breckenridge Transit Center. During late April and early May we are almost guaranteed to get a late-season snowstorm and provide great powder turns for those around to experience them. In years past, Breckenridge Ski Resort has spun the lifts all the way through Memorial Day, but that is of course dependent on conditions. For more information please check Breckenridge Ski Resort’s website.

  1. Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Spring Events

Tunes coming from the Breckenridge DJ Cat

Not only will the lifts be spinning late into the season at Breckenridge Ski Resort, but events will be happening through April and May as well. Usually on late spring weekends the ski resort brings out the DJ Cat, a snow cat equipped with a sound system to keep the vibes high. But the DJ Cat isn’t the only thing providing tunes, Breckenridge Ski Resort will be hosting the first Five Peaks Music Festival (artists have yet to be announced)  April 27-28, 2024. This will be a reincarnation of spring music events from Breckenridge’s past (anyone remember Spring Fever or Spring Finale?).

Music won’t be the only thing making a splash in Breck this spring as the Splash into Spring Pond Skim will be going down on April 27th, as well. This event is a crowd and competitor favorite, come watch (or try your hand) as competitors go from snow to skimming across an icy pool carved into the snow. This event brings out the spring energy in everyone who attends and is not to be missed.

Last, but certainly not least would be Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Closing Day (dates TBD depending on conditions). Come celebrate the season and send off skiing in Breckenridge by attending and celebrating on the final day of the resort’s operation.

  1. Best of Both Seasons

Photo by Andrew Mcguire

Want some variety in your spring activities? How about the chance to either ski, hike, bike, fish, run the river, enjoy a drink on a sunny patio or potentially catch a late-season powder day? Then April and May is your time to visit. Spring in Breckenridge presents visitors with the ability to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities, but also great indoor options like shows at the Riverwalk Center, various escape rooms in Breckenridge, classes at BreckCreate, arcades at Eric’s and Iscream Gelato or spa treatments at Infinity or Soothe Spas.

  1. Serene Mountain Setting

Taking in the beautiful spring scenery from the Grand Timber Lodge.

After mid-March, most school spring breaks have concluded and our mountain town begins to take on a slower pace as the snow melts and the flowers bloom. Quiet mountain mornings can be had while guests stroll to one of our favorite coffee shops like Semplice or Clint’s. Main Street is a little less bustling and grabbing a table at one of Breck’s restaurants gets a little easier on Friday and Saturday nights. There is still plenty of sun and fun to be had, but you’ll notice there is more room on the slopes, and getting on the lift goes a little quicker during the late season. It’s a great time to take it slow, why not even hot tub slopeside before going on the mountain?

  1. Deep Discounts on Lodging

Enjoy Discounted spring stays at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8

What else is so great about Breckenridge in the springtime? Your wallet won’t be so slim after booking your stay. You can find incredible deals on slopeside stays at some of the top lodging options in Breckenridge. Both the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 and the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 offer amazing views, aquatics and accommodations just steps away from the lifts that remain open late into the spring ski season. Check out some of these offers here.

So, there you have it, our top five reasons to visit Breck in April and May. There are plenty of other reasons to make the journey to the mountains during spring, and we can’t wait for you to find yours.

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Spooktacular Sights: Haunted Places in Breckenridge, Colorado

As the foliage turns fiery shades of red and gold and the crisp mountain air fills with an eerie chill, there’s no denying that Halloween is creeping around the corner. While Breck is known for its world-class skiing and stunning natural beauty, did you know that our charming mountain town has a spooky side too? Join us as we uncover the haunted history of Breckenridge and explore spine-tingling spots you can visit this Halloween season.


1. Ollie’s AKA The Dredge Boat

The dredge boat in breckenridge

History: The Dredge Boat, once a formidable gold mining vessel, now rests on the shores of the Blue River. Between 1898 and 1942 Dredge boats were allowed to operate and were used to dredge the riverbed in search of precious metals. 

Haunting: The tale goes that one night the foreman was awoken by the sound of an alarm coming from the boat and left his cottage (now Starbucks on main street) to investigate the disturbance. As OSHA was nonexistent at the time, the entrance to the dredge was a single-width plank of wood that crossed over the pond. It was a freezing winter night when the foreman went to check on the dredge and accidentally slipped into the pond, tragically freezing to death. His body was recovered in the spring and had been so well-preserved that at his funeral he was displayed with an open casket. 

2. The Gold Pan Saloon 

History: Opening in 1861, the Gold Pan is considered the oldest saloon west of the Mississippi. From the miners of the gold rush all the way to today’s visitors the Gold Pan has been quenching thirsts after a hard day of work or on the mountain. In its long history, it has seen bar fights, shoot-outs, and survived the prohibition era. Legend has it that Tom’s Baby, the largest gold nugget ever found resided in the Gold Pan’s safe for safekeeping before leaving Breckenridge. 

Haunting: Owners and guests of the saloon describe spooky experiences such as flickering lights and doors opening on their own. Several tenants of the upper apartments have also noted the presence of a woman who seems to enjoy caring for the male inhabitants as they sleep, waking them up with the cold sensations of touch on their cheeks.

3. Apres

History: Originally a boarding house, the building now houses Après Handcrafted Libations, a craft tasting room offering a wide variety of craft beers, mixed drinks, and a large library of board games to play.   

Haunting: A ghost named Sylvia is said to haunt the building, she had lost her husband and worked at the boarding house looking for a suitable replacement until her demise. The bar staff leaves a shot of liquor on the bar at night for Sylvia and rumor has it they will come back to an empty glass at times. Sylvia has an affinity for men and occupants of the apartments above Après have reported their clothes being mysteriously folded or their space tidied up not by their own hand. 

4. The Briggle House

History: Located in Alice G Milne Memorial Park, the Briggle house was once inhabited by the socialites Kathleen and William Briggle. The Briggle’s purchased the home in 1898 and at the time the one-bedroom abode was considered one of the largest and nicest houses in Breckenridge.  

Haunting: Tour guests have noticed strange sensations and one time even witnessed a can fly unexpectedly off the shelf. So many reports have come in that the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance even let a group of paranormal investigators conduct experiments on the house, while there they claim to have had their flashlights go out while calling to the late Mrs. Briggle. 

5. Country Boy Mine 

History: Founded in 1887 Country Boy Mine was one of Summit County’s most successful mines in producing gold and silver. Country Boy Mine became an integral part of the war effort during World War II with its production of lead and zinc supplies. Today the mine is operated for historical attractions, gold panning, treasure hunting, and mine tours that take you more than 1,000 feet underground.  

Haunting: Owners and guests alike have reported spooky happenings such as a feeling of being shoved in the back while in the mine. When visitors look at photos they’ve taken in the mine they report seeing ghostly apparitions, orbs, or auras appearing which were not visible to the naked eye.  

6. Haunted Forrest, Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Kids Adventure Zone

History: Looking for something a little less scary? Breckenridge Ski Resort has a Kids Adventure Zone located on Peak 9 that lets you ski through a Haunted Forrest complete with bats, skeletons, and a giant spider! 

Want even more scares this Halloween season? Check out a guided walking ghost tour through town or see how scarily low the prices are at one of our favorite places to stay, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8! 


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