A hiker enjoying Black Powder Pass near Breckenridge, Colorado.

The Ultimate Breckenridge Hiking Guide

Want to go hiking in Breckenridge? Look no further! This is the Best of Breckenridge’s top trails in and around Breckenridge. Make sure to always be prepared and use this as a guide and jumping-off point to start your adventure.


Easy Trails:

  • Blue River Trail: A 3 mile out-and-back trail with minimal elevation gain, easy difficulty. The trailhead is located at Breckenridge Nordic Center with ample parking available.
  • Burro Trail: A 6-mile out-and-back trail with 915 ft of elevation gain, considered easy to moderate difficulty. The trailhead is located at the base of Peak 9 with plenty of parking available.
  • Sawmill Resevoir: A 1.3 mile out-and-back trail with minimal elevation gain. a popular trail which takes you up and around a reservoir and is great for snowshoeing in the winter months. The trailhead is located at the end of Sawmill Road with limited parking available.
  • Iowa Hill Trail: A 1.5-mile out-and-back trail with minimal elevation gain. The trail hosted remains of Breckenridge’s mining history from old cabins, sluice boxes, and the telltale signs of the use of hydraulics to extract the valuable gold that was found on this hill. This informative trail is perfect for a family stroll as it has informational signs and benches throughout. The trailhead is located on Airport Road across from the Breckenridge Terrace.

Iowa Hill cabin in Breckenridge, CO

Moderate Trails:

  • Black Powder Pass: A 3.4 mile trail with 1,000ft of elevation gain. Begin by hiking through wooded areas before emerging above tree line with breathtaking views. The Summit of this hike takes you above 12,000ft above sea level so make sure that you are prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen.
  • Spruce Creek Trail: A 4.3 mile loop trail with moderate elevation gain, easy to moderate difficulty This trail . The trail begins with a steady incline under tree cover and a ends with a rocky decline. You can enjoy the babbling sounds of the creek while you hike and take in the distant mountain views on this Best of Breck favorite. The trailhead is located off of Spruce Creek Road with limited parking available.
    Spruce Creek Trail in Breckenridge, CO
  • Baker’s Tank Trail: A 2.5-mile out-and-back trail with moderate elevation gain, easy to moderate difficulty. The trailhead is located off of Boreas Pass Road with limited parking available. While you can hike this trail, it is more of a mountain biking trail so be aware for bikers and maintain proper trail etiquette (step to the side until the whole group passes).
  • McCullough Gulch Trail: A 6.4 mile out-and-back trail with 1,600ft of elevation gain that is surrounded by stunning rock faces. Beautiful lakes await those who can make it to the top, The trailhead is located off of County Road 851 with limited parking available. The road to the trailhead closes seasonally over the winter and fall, so if you are planning to hike this trail during that time plan to add on an additional 1.5 miles.A hiker and her dog head through a rocky portion of the McCullough Gulch Trail near Breckenridge, Colorado.

Difficult Trails:

These trails should be approached with planning and caution. Being in good physical shape is a must for these longer hies which often get close to and above 13,000 ft above sea level (with one of the hikes on this list reaching 14,000 ft!).

  • Crystal Lake Trail: A 9.5-mile out-and-back trail with over 2500ft of elevation gain, and a rewarding alpine lake view (or dip) at the top. The trailhead is located off of County Road 850 with limited parking available.
    Crystal Lake viewed from Crystal Lakes Trail in Breckenridge, CO.
  • Mineral Hill Trail: A 4.7 mile out-and-back trail with significant elevation gain, difficult difficulty. The trailhead is located off of Boreas Pass Road with limited parking available.
    Views from Mineral Hill trail. Located in Breckenridge, CO.
  • Quandary Peak Trail: This is a Breckenridge and Colorado classic. This “14er” is one of 52 peaks in the state which reach above 14,000ft above sea level.  A mountain goat on Quandry peak. Breckenridge, Colorado. A 6.75 mile out-and-back trail with an elevation gain of 3,326 vertical feet. This trail is one of the most popular peaks for hikers to climb and as such, parking at the trailhead can be limited a
    nd fills up quickly, especially during peak hiking season. Additionally, the trailhead is located at the end of a narrow, bumpy dirt road, which can be challenging to navigate, especially for those without a high-clearance vehicle.The summit of Quandry PeakQuandry Parking & Shuttle Info
    To help alleviate parking congestion and reduce traffic on the narrow road, there is a shuttle service available during peak season (typically from mid-June to mid-September) that provides transportation to and from the trailhead. The Quandary Peak Shuttle is a convenient and affordable way to access the trailhead without having to worry about finding parking or navigating the dirt road.
    The shuttle runs every day from 6:30am to 5:30pm and picks up hikers at the Breckenridge Station transit center. The round-trip fare is $15 per person, and reservations are strongly recommended. You can make a reservation online or by calling the shuttle service directly.

Each of these trails offers unique scenery and challenges for hikers of all skill levels. The Mineral Hill Trail, for example, winds through dense forests before reaching a summit with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Meanwhile, the Quandary Peak Trail leads to one of Colorado’s most popular 14ers, which offers stunning views from the summit.

Remember to always check trail conditions before heading out and prepare for your hike accordingly by bringing water, snacks, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing and gear. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect hike in Breckenridge.

The views don’t have to stop when you’ve finished your hike! Reward yourself with a refreshing brew: Top 10 Brews with the Best Views.

Breckenridge Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Breckenridge is full of hundreds of miles of trails and national forest land, so picking the right trail for the family can be a difficult task. Luckily for you, there are plenty of family-friendly trails that are just the right distance to keep everyone happy. Read on to find trails that are short and sweet but jam-packed with Colorado beauty. 

Sawmill Reservoir  

This is one of the most accessible and popular trails in Breckenridge as it is close to downtown. The majority of the trail follows closely along a creek shaded by trees before emerging at the reservoir. Sawmill Reservoir is dotted with benches so you can rest and enjoy the calm reflection of the mountains, or you can cast a line with a valid Colorado fishing license. 

Distance: 1.3-mile loop 

Difficulty: Easy 

Burro Trail 

This is a great out-and-back trail that goes on for 4 miles, but don’t be intimidated by the distance, you can turn around at any time to make it the perfect length for your family. The hike starts right at the base of Peak 9 near the Quicksilver Chairlift, conveniently located close to downtown Breckenridge. The hike features pine forest, a creek, meadows and a plethora of wildflowers.  

Distance: 8 miles out-and-back 

Difficulty: Moderate 

Blue River Trail 

Need an easy stretch of the legs for the family? Head to the Blue River Trail, a gentle out and back trail that provides shaded forest, open meadows and ends at a creek. Be on the lookout for wildflowers and wildlife and be sure to stick to the trail as the route travels along private property lines. 

Distance: 3 miles out-and-back 

Difficulty: Easy 

Reiling Dredge 

Take a step back in time with this historical hike. Along the route you’ll see many mining relics and rock piles left from the glory days of mining in Breckenridge. You’ll come across the Reiling Dredge, a 114-year-old mining boat still standing on a small pond. Many other trails connect to this area like the Minnie Mine trail so you can take a loop and discover even more mining history. 

Distance: 2.1 miles out-and-back 

Difficulty: Moderate 

Cucumber Gulch Trail 

Cucumber Gulch is a designated wildlife preserve in Breckenridge that contains 52 acres of wetlands and is home to moose, elk, deer, beaver and over 47 bird species. Along the route, you’ll encounter serene beaver ponds and pine forest. After your hike, catch the free gondola to town at the base of Peak 8 and get an aerial view of the trails you just strolled. Since this is a wildlife preserve, you’ll need to leave your four-legged friend at home. 

Distance: 2.7 miles out-and-back 

Difficulty: Easy 

Family Hiking Quick Tips 

Leave No Trace 

Always make sure to follow the Leave No Trace principles when enjoying the outdoors: pack it in and pack it out (trash, waste, dog poop, etc.), pick up trash along the trail, stick to the trail (avoid side trails and shortcuts) and leave the trail better than when you arrived. 

Bring Layers 

The weather can change quickly in the high alpine! Make sure you are always prepared with moisture-wicking layers. Afternoon storms are common, so having a packable rain jacket and a warm layer will ensure you are prepared no matter the weather.  

Pack the Necessities 

Always make sure to pack a reusable water bottle and fill it up before your hike! In addition, the sun is much stronger due to the high altitude of Breckenridge, so make sure to apply sunscreen ahead of time and bring extra to reapply as needed.  

Now that you and the family have a plan, it’s time to hit the trails! If you’re looking for more challenging hikes with amazing views, check out our picks for the most scenic hikes in Breckenridge. Happy trails! 

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