Discover Breckenridge Ski Resort with these Runs

Breckenridge Ski resort is home to 5 different peaks and one of the nation’s largest ski resorts in north America. With so much terrain it can be hard to access it all, so the team at Best of Breck compiled a bucket list of runs to experience the best of Breckenridge ski resort.

Peak 6

The newest peak to be added by the ski resort is full of bowls, T-bars, and POWDER! Favored by locals on a powder day, you won’t want to miss out on this terrain. While you’re up there make sure to hit these runs:


Bliss – Looking for the perfect way to enjoy the bowls at the top of the mountain but also to warm you up before heading to blacks at the top? Bliss is calling your name. Make sure to keep your speed up at the end!

Lost Cabin – Lost cabin is just left of Bliss (if looking at the map). This fun run is another great blue. Keep your eyes peeled for the traditional ski cabin!


Serenity Bowl – this can be a trek but will not disappoint! Take a short hike from Kenosha Superchair and drop any of the black lines on this ridge.

Intuition – another favored run by locals. Catch this run if you’re looking to ride some steep terrain. Make sure to find this run on a powder day for a ride you will never forget!

Peak 7

Access Peak 7 from the gondola in town, here you will find the most blue runs in one place! When you get hungry, Sevens restaurant is conveniently at the base and offers an eclectic variety of delicious food for the whole group!


Monte Cristo – When you hop off the Independence SuperChair, hang left and find Monte Cristo run. This run is generally less crowded and a bit longer.

Wirepatch – Easily pop in and out of the trees through this run to avoid the crowds. Here you’ll enjoy a mix of trees and groomed runs.


Wanderlust – when getting off the chair hang right to Wanderlust. This black diamond is a local’s favorite.

Ore Bucket – glide through open trees with hidden pow stashes. Connect over to Peak 6 or ride to the bottom and traverse back to Peak 7 for a nice long cruiser.

Peak 8

This peak is the easily the most popular and exciting. Most events, live music and parties happen at the base of Peak 8. Access from the gondola in town. The base is home to one of Breckenridge’s newest resorts, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8.


Springmeier – this is the best green run at Breckenridge to practice your skiing skills. It has a mild slope and can be accessed from the 5-chair.

Trygve’s – this is great run to bring the kids or beginner skiers. A bit shorter of a run, this run can be accessed from Rip’s Ride chair lift.


Dukes Run – Want to get away from some of the crowds? Dukes Run is a good trail and a local’s favorite to avoid other shredders on Peak 8.

4 o’clock Run – Easily one of the most popular trails at Breckenridge Ski Resort. This run takes you all the way down to town so make sure to hit this trail at the end of the day!


         Horseshoe bowl – Be prepared for windy conditions on a snowy day. You can find a lot of powder later in the day so if you get a late start or find yourself stuck in traffic, this is a great option to still catch some afternoon powder!

Whales Tail – A 20-minute hike to the very top of Peak 8 you will find a trail to whale’s tail bowl.  It is a ride along a cornice which can be scary at times but the views from the top are well worth it!

Peak 9

Home to Beaver Run Resort and DoubleTree by Hilton, Peak 9 that also hosts events at the base. Peak 9 offers a variety of runs from blacks all the way to greens.


Silverthorne- this is a great family friendly fun that is perfect place to develop your skills. This run can be accessed from Quicksilver Superchair, hang left and enjoy the ride!

A-chair – this isn’t a run but rather an entire chairlift that accesses tons of greens from top to bottom!


                Upper Lehman – Ride the Mercury SuperChair to the top of Peak 9 and then head left. There you will see a sign for Upper Lehman run. Follow this to TenMile Station for quick bite to eat or afternoon drink.

CJ’s Cabin – This run is a fun one that takes you right to a cabin. Look out for the cabin on the left-hand side and make sure go inside and check it out!


Windows – If you are looking for tight trees and steep terrain, Windows is the run for you. This is one of the more advanced runs at Peak 9 so make sure you are ready for the challenge.

Toms Baby – located just left of the Windows when looking at a map this is another great option for a black diamond run.

Peak 10

The farthest peak and the most challenging, Peak 10 is perfect mountain if you are looking for all black diamond terrain.



Corsair – This run is right off the Falcon Superchair and connects to Upper Lehman. This is a great run but make sure to hit it in the morning before it gets bumpy!

The Burn – if you are looking for some trees to ski the burn is a great option. This run is filled with tight trees and steep slope so make sure your up for the challenge before trying this one.

Breckenridge ski resort is a great ski resort filled with a wide variety of terrain for all levels. Whether your looking to master your skills, catch some powder or spend some time with family and friends, Breckenridge mountain is the place to go! For some great lodging deals, click here!

*Only attempt runs if you are confident in your skills. Please be aware that not all runs are the same and there are always risks. Skiing with friends is always a good idea when exploring the trees. Always be cautious of your surroundings.