Moose Grazing

Breckenridge abounds with wildlife in the Fall

Grazing Moose in BreckenridgeI’ve seen plenty of moose by the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 in Breckenridge, CO but the moose in these photographs was special. When I got home from work last Friday, I was outside watching my son play while talking with my neighbors. It was a typical Breckenridge summer evening, complete with perfect Breckenridge weather.  All of a sudden, a couple of kids came running up and they were shouting “Look at the big deer!” My neighbors and I turned to see a huge bull moose leisurely making his way through the field about 50 yards from our house. It was once in a lifetime wildlife sighting, as the moose easily weighed more than 1,000 pounds!

As you enjoy various outdoor Breckenridge recreation activities such as hiking or biking, you may also encounter some wildlife. You could even spot some wildlife while strolling down Breckenridge’s Main Street! In the fall, Breckenridge’s wildlife activity is especially heightened. Here are a few tips to remember if you encounter wildlife during your Breckenridge vacation:

  • Keep your distance – I’m always surprised by how many times I have seen someone standing within a few feet of a large animal and taking its picture as if it was a puppy. Of course, animals of all sizes can be dangerous and unpredictable. In addition, do not approach animals that behave unexpectedly or aggressively. They may be ill, injured, or have young nearby.
  • Do not feed the wildlife – Wild animals view handouts as easy food and they will come to expect to be fed on a regular basis. This will cause them to become dependent on handouts and they can lose their ability to find food in the wild.
  • Avoid sudden movement – If you encounter a wild animal, remain calm and move slowly and deliberately. Animals can interpret sudden movement as aggression or a threat
  • Do not chase or harass wildlife – This advice should be obvious, as chasing or harassing wildlife is both illegal and dangerous.
  • Allow animals to stay at rest – Try not to startle wildlife into movement if they are resting.

If you are going to seek out wildlife, please remember to leave your family pets at home. It’s also important to respect private property  and ask for permission to access private lands. And of course, you should respect others who are viewing the same animals.

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