Ullr King and Queen

Ullr Fest is coming January 8 – 14!!

Ullr fest in Breckenridge ColoradoIt’s time to get out your Viking hats and hone your Norse mythology (just kidding!). Ullr fest is almost here! Ullr Fest is Breckenridge time honored local’s winter party that celebrates Ullr, the Norse god of snow and winter in Breckenridge. Ullr Fest is a weeklong series of events that culminates in the Ullr parade on Thursday, January 12th. The Ullr Parade draws thousands of locals and tourists alike.

Each year Breckenridge’s Main Street is closed and the Ullr parade makes its way down Main Street. The wacky and unusual floats are entered by local businesses and groups and prizes are awarded for the best three floats. It is the ultimate evening of festivities in Breckenridge during the winter. Events like the Ullympics, Ullr Dating Game and Ullr Ice Skating Party dot the week leading up to the parade. Ullr Fest offers events tailored for all types. See below for a list of events. For more information on Breckenridge’s Ullr Fest visit www.gobreck.com.