The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Biking Breckenridge

June 17, 2022 / in Breckenridge Biking / by Laurel Coffman

With over 100 miles of hiking and biking trails, first time riders and seasoned experts alike can enjoy the high alpine on two wheels. With sweeping mountain views and mild temperatures, Breckenridge is a mountain biker’s paradise. This guide covers mountain biking in Breckenridge from A to Z so you can shred single-track in no time.  


The options are endless for riders of all abilities in Breckenridge. We’ve covered some beginner, intermediate and expert trails below, but if you’d like to explore the extensive trail network in Breckenridge, click here.  


B&B Trail 

  • Length: 1.5 miles 
  • Type: Doubletrack  
  • Elevation gain: 303’ 
  • Trail information 

River Trail 

  • Length: 3.1 miles 
  • Type: Singletrack 
  • Elevation gain: 86’ 
  • Trail information 

Sallie Barber 


Aspen Alley 

  • Length: 1.3 miles 
  • Type: Singletrack 
  • Elevation gain: 15’ 
  • Trail information 

Barney Flow to B-Line 

  • Length: .7 miles 
  • Type: Singletrack (downhill only) 
  • Elevation gain: 0’ 
  • Trail information 


  • Length: 1 mile 
  • Type: Singletrack 
  • Elevation gain: 348’  
  • Trail information  


Wheeler Trail 

  • Length: 10.3 miles 
  • Type: Singletrack 
  • Elevation gain: 2,286’ 
  • Trail information 


Bakers Tank 

What to Bring

  • Water: Make sure to bring plenty of water for your ride! The dry air in Breckenridge causes sweat to evaporate quickly so you may not realize when dehydration sets in. Avoid bringing plastic water bottles as they tend to fall out of bottle holders on bikes. Instead, opt for a backpack with a bladder or a bike-specific water bottle.  
  • Sunblock: Since Breckenridge sits at 9,600′, U.V. levels are increased by about 40% compared to sea level. Protect your skin by applying an SPF of at least 30, even on cloudy days! 
  • First Aid Kit: Carrying a small first aid kit is a great idea for any outdoor adventure. Falls, scrapes and bumps can happen easily on a bike, and you’ll feel better knowing you can patch yourself up if anything happens. 
  • Multi-tool: Having a bike specific multi-tool is great for common road and trailside repairs. They commonly feature multiple hex wrenches, screw drivers, spoke wrenches and more so you can perform a quick fix on the go.  

For the more advanced riders, find our complete gear list here.  


If you’re traveling sans bike, there are plenty of rental shops in town where you can rent all of the gear you need.  

Alpine Sports

  • Location: 435 North Park Ave. 
  • Phone: 970-453-9623 
  • Website
  • Rates:  
    • Full Day Rental: $45 
    • Half Day Rental: $55 
    • Multi Day Rental: $50/day 

Avalanche Sports

  • Location: 540 S. Main St.  
  • Phone: 970-453-1461 
  • Website
  • Rates: 
    • Full Day Rental: $75-$95 
    • Multi Day Rental: $70-$90/day 

Christy Sports

  • Location: Multiple locations in Breckenridge  
  • Phone: 970-453-1451 
  • Website
  • Rates: 
    • From $49.95/day 

Carver’s Ski & Bike

  • Location: 203 N. Main St. 
  • Phone: 970-453-0132 
  • Website
  • Rates:  
    • Full Day Rental: from $58.40 
    • Multi Day Rental: from $55.20/day 

Trail Etiquette  

Before you find your cadence, make sure you understand proper trail etiquette so you can have a smooth ride. You’ll find the following rules of the trail throughout Breckenridge: 

  • Respect all trail users: treat them with courtesy regardless of their sport, speed or skill level. Bikers should always yield to hikers and horses.  
  • Stop, not yield, to all uphill traffic. Expect and anticipate other users on blind spots and corners. Pass with care.  
  • Keep single track single, don’t leave trail to pass or shortcut.  
  • Stay off muddy trails. Ride/walk over, not around, obstacles.  
  • Pick up and carry out all waste.  
  • Have fun, enjoy our trails, be nice and make friends!