Social Distancing – Mountain Style

By: Jenna Duncan // 4.14.2020

Like everyone else, we are doing our part here in Breckenridge, Colorado, to stay apart and save lives during this pandemic. While there are some aspects of social distancing that come natural to us mountain folk, we also have our fair share of challenges. Therefore, we’ve put together our collective list of what we are doing to stay healthy, sane and have some fun while staying home. We hope we give you a few ideas to try out!

  1. Get outside – whether for a dog walk, a hike (we recognize how lucky we are to have this option), or just a walk around the block. Fresh air and movement have been so important for our mental and physical health.
  1. Do puzzles – it seems everyone has been able to dig a puzzle out of the closet, and what better way to pass some time and also let the mind relax for a bit?
  2. Virtual family game night – connect with family near and far, because we’re all in the same boat! There are several games to be played online with the family or you can buy a new game off Amazon to play together over Zoom.
  3. Bike rides – some have spin bikes in their homes, some have gotten out on their road, mountain or fat tire bikes. We still have plenty of snow on our trails which is great for the fat tire bikes, and those with regular bikes have been exploring the roads and hills to climb around Breckenridge on sunnier days. On the snowy days, those with spin bikes at home are enjoying virtual spin classes from the local studio Psycle 9600.
  4. Learn something new – use platforms like Rosetta Stone or LinkedIn Learning with Lynda to learn a new language. Maybe you’re dreaming of a trip to Spain or Mexico post-quarantine, now’s your time to dial in your Spanish. Or use this time to learn new skills to beef up that resume.
  5. Become Lego masters – some have kids, some are kids at heart who just love Lego. Either way, building Lego is a great activity to help you relax and feel accomplished.
  6. Take YouTube Dance Cardio Classes – need a new way to get your cardio in while stuck inside? Try out one of these popsugar dance cardio classes.
  7. Online poker tournaments – these are fun and easy to set up with friends and family on
  8. Learn to play or practice a musical instrument – listening to music is proven to enhance your mood by 10%, and learning something new or learning to master something is a stimulating experience of its own. Use this free app to help you learn how to play guitar. Time to dust off those instruments and you’ll be ready to serenade your friends and family at the next bonfire when we’re all released from quarantine!
  9. Virtual Yoga & Meditation – our local yoga studio, Meta Yoga Studios, is offering 1-2 free live mini-yoga classes a day on their Facebook and Instagram They are the perfect way to add a little yoga to each day. Several of us have also been using meditation apps, like Insight Timer to spend some time sitting quietly each day. It has made a huge, noticeable difference in our mental state!
  10. Read or listen to podcasts – whatever you prefer, I’m sure you have a book or podcast in mind that you haven’t quite gotten to. Now’s your chance to dive in and enjoy a little escape.
  11. Craft – if you have a craft closet, now’s the time to bust it all out and make jewelry, make your COVID mask, do some painting, or maybe hand make some Christmas gifts. Knitting and crocheting have also been proven to be very therapeutic, plus, we always need more hats in the mountains!
  12. Dungeons & Dragons on video chat – Due to social distancing, new and returning Dungeons & Dragons players are continuing their campaigns on video conferencing software. Learning to play ‘DnD’ or other tabletop roleplaying games during this time is perfect – you don’t need much to get started! All you need to play Dungeons & Dragons is a vivid imagination, a character sheet and a way to talk to your fellow players and Dungeon Master. Visit for more information on getting started.
  13. Become an online celebrity – there’s no better time than the present! With everyone turning to the internet for entertainment more than ever, you might just be able to capture your share of an audience! Start that YouTube channel, Twitch account, podcast, or blog that you’ve always wanted to!
  14. Paint/Home Improvement projects – these are a great thing to pass the time and also upgrade your quarantine space. Just make sure not to start too many at once!
  15. Try new recipes and get creative with leftovers – it’s time to play your own version of “Chopped” and create delicious meals with the 7 random ingredients in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Plus, when you’re sick of your leftovers, maybe turn them into eggrolls? Who knows what kind of magic will happen in your kitchen, either way, we all feel strongly about not wasting in the mountains. Check out our compilation of our favorite quarantine recipes!
  16. Connect with friends – we’ve always felt strongly about happy hours in the mountains, and nothing has changed. We’ve all been setting up virtual happy hours to connect with friends, family and coworkers. Costumes have been recommended and encouraged. Warning: though the happy hours are virtual, the hangovers are real.
  17. Ski or snowboard in the backcountry – we know, we’re spoiled. Our backyard is truly a playground and we are so lucky to be able to get outside, hike our local mountains and enjoy some turns. There’s even been some occasional fresh powder!

You finally have the time to do all those things on your personal bucket list. Take a deep breath, take it one day at a time and make the most of this time to slow down. We’re all in this together and we’ll all be better for it when it’s over!