You Don‘t Want to Miss Breckenridge’s Ullr Fest

October 21, 2022 / in Breckenridge Events / by Laurel Coffman

Praise Ullr and pray for snow! Breckenridge will celebrate its iconic Ullr Fest this year December 8–11 and you won’t want to miss it. If you have questions like, “what the heck is Ullr Fest?” and “how can I join in on the fun?” we’ve got you covered. Grab your finest furs, ale horns and Viking helmets as we prepare for Breckenridge’s most time-honored event.  

Who is Ullr?  

First things first, Ullr, pronounced “ool-er,” is referred to as the Norse God of Snow in many ski communities, including Breckenridge, and is associated with winter, skiing and snow sports. According to Norse mythology, Ullr was not a “God of” anything but is widely known for his skills on skis and with his bow. 

What is Ullr Fest?  

Ullr Fest is an annual celebration of all things winter and snow held here in Breckenridge! Locals gather for celebrations including a parade, shot ski and bonfire to praise Ullr in hopes of a winter season filled with snow. 

Ullr Fest History 

The first ever Ullr Dag (days) Festival occurred in 1963 when Breckenridge needed to attract attention and differentiate itself from other winter carnivals around the state. Trygve Berge and Sigurd Rockne, the Norwegian founders of Breckenridge Ski Resort, brought Norse mythology and Ullr to the theme of this iconic event. The first multi-day event featured a parade, torch light procession down the ski runs, dog sled races and ski joring.

Ullr Fest Events 

While Ullr Fest looks a little different from the early days of the Ullr Dag, some traditions remain. The Ullr parade is still the highlight of the week featuring rowdy and creative floats. Other highlights include the unofficial world record for longest shotski® on Main Street with over 1,200 participants, the Ullr bonfire, curling, ice skating and more.

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Secure Your Lodging 

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