Top Five Reasons to Visit Breckenridge on a Summer Weekday

Like you need a reason to come to Breck anyways. With the gorgeous terrain and a charming town, it’s hard to think of a time that is not good to come. However, weekends can be hectic sometimes and offer challenges that make maximizing fun difficult. What’s the solution? Come on weekdays. If you can swing it, it’s even worth taking a day or two off work to manage it. If you are wondering why you should take days off to come to Breckenridge on weekdays here are five reasons:

  1. Save time – We often hear of visitors from Denver and other surrounding areas leaving their homes around 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings to avoid peak season traffic. Although CDOT is making improvements to I-70, weekend traffic is almost guaranteed. Decrease your chances of sitting in traffic by visiting on a weekday! It is about an hour and a half flat to Breck from Denver on a weekday.
  2. Stay better – Visiting during the week means more lodging options and better prices, especially if you are planning a trip close to time. If you’re looking for a spacious “home away from home” close to the mountain, save some money by staying on weekdays. The Best of Breck team loves to offer our visitors discounts all year-round!
  3. Live Large– When you visit Breckenridge on the weekend, you’ll have access to score happy hour deals and reservations without fighting off a crowd. Find parking easier, get in and out of the grocery store faster, and score bike, or water sport rentals on short notice!
  4. Own the mountain trails– If we had a choice, I think we all would choose to hike or bike on a less crowded trail. Having the mountain trails all to yourself sounds way more relaxing than sharing it with the hundreds of other vacationers in town.
  5. Save your sanity – Breckenridge is awesome on the weekend. Town is vibrant and full and life. There is no shortage of fun activities to try and plenty of people to enjoy it with. But if you are looking for something a little quieter, a little less expensive or a little less crowded, come up on weekdays. If you are looking to avoid the frustrations of traffic and crowds that sometime occur than heed this advice and come up to Breckenridge on a weekday.