Top 5 Photo Spots for Your Breckenridge Winter Vacation

October 30, 2018 // by: Julie Howsmon

Breckenridge is a true winter wonderland during ski season. The chill in the fresh mountain air, twinkling lights that line historic Main Street, the glittering powder that dusts the pine trees on the ski hill, the bush-tailed fox that dashes across the street in front of you — it’s the little things in Breckenridge that you’ll remember long after you’re home.

It goes without saying that on the mountain in your gear is a great spot to snap a classic Breckenridge photo. But as seasoned locals, the Breckenridge Grand Vacations team wants you to know the “secret spots” to capture that perfect holiday card-worthy photo from your time here in our little mountain town. Grab a pen and take notes on the Top 5 Photo Spots for Your Breckenridge Winter Vacation.

On the Mountain

Okay we’ll get this one out of the way first because it’s the most obvious. Take a photo while on the mountain, of course! Depending on what kind of shot you’re aiming to get, there are a variety of places to pose. The easiest and most convenient is at the top of the Colorado SuperChair with the resort and town in the background. We also love the views from the top of Peak 10 if you hike past the Falcon SuperChair (expert terrain only, please proceed at your own risk). Surprise engagements often occur here, so keep an eye out and you just might witness that special moment! If you need a midday break to rehydrate, head to Robbie’s Tavern or the T-Bar at the Base of Peak 8 to get a good shot of the slopeside action with the chairlift behind you.

Breckenridge Epic Mix - Top Five Photo Spots
Breckenridge Railroad Park - Top 5 Photo Spots

Mt. Baldy Road

After a pit stop at the Railroad Park, continue up Boreas Pass Road to your destiny of glorious, panoramic ski area views! Most people think the best picture spot is on the ski mountain, but we think nothing screams Breckenridge more than a photo with the entire mountain range behind you. About 1.5 miles from the Railroad Park, look for Mt. Baldy Road on your left. Switch on the blinker, swoop a left, drive about 300 yards and find a place to pull over. Step out of your car, turn around, and, voilà! Try not to lose your breath as you gaze at the Ten Mile Range in its sheer beauty. Odds are there will be a good amount of snow on the ground, so be sure to bring your snow boots to walk out into the sprawling open field and snap that perfect pic.

Breckenridge Mount Baldy Road - Top 5 Photo Spots

The Riverwalk Center

Imagine a picturesque winter sunset with a vibrant pink alpenglow dusting the mountains. In the corner of your picture is a twinkling Christmas tree and there are small snowflakes fluttering to the ground. The Riverwalk Center in the middle of Main Street Breckenridge is a hub for a plethora of town events, an epicenter for small children climbing on the playground, and your perfect picture spot. Hop in front of the tree to get that glistening lights shot or head over to the bridge and catch a moment with the ski area proudly beaming behind. You can’t miss the twinkling Riverwalk Plaza and this is the easiest spot to hit when you’re already downtown window shopping or heading out to dinner.

Breckenridge Riverwalk Center- Top 5 Photo Spots

The French Gulch Road Mines

If you want a first-hand taste of Breckenridge’s history, find one of the dozens of mines that are scattered throughout Breckenridge and its surrounding peaks. Once home to miners and trailblazers, Breckenridge has a deep history rooted in the boom and bust mining industry. Abandoned mines are around nearly every corner if you keep your eyes open on the trails. There are a few close to town that have been restored, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for your memorable Breckenridge photos. Take Wellington Road east from Main Street and turn right on Reiling Road when you reach a fork. Continue up Reiling and it will turn into French Gulch Road. Continue up the road until you see a mine on the left. There is a small trail to get closer to the mine, or take a photo in front of the fence with the mine in the background. Hey, if you get lucky, you just might find some gold!

Breckenridge French Gulch Mines- Top 5 Photo Spots

Breckenridge and Beyond…

Breckenridge is home to many more great winter photo spots than just these five. There are some gorgeous vantage points out in Blue River towards Quandary Peak and back in the direction of I-70, up Swan Mountain and around Lake Dillon. Of course, if you see any photos on our site and want to know where they were taken, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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