Top 10 Spots For Fall Pictures in Breckenridge

By: Tianna Terrell & Nikki Dickison

Breckenridge is quite possibly the best mountain escape for Autumn for several reasons. However, capturing the beauty of the changing colors among the mountain vistas is the top. We’re saving you some time and listed the top 10 spots to take the best fall photos. 


  1. Boreas Pass Road  
    • Anywhere along Boreas Pass is a sight to see. Overlooking the town of Breckenridge and the ski resort, you will get 360 views of the fall foliage. For an additional view, make a pit-stop before venturing up Boras Pass. Off Overlook Road before Boreas Pass, follow the short dirt trail to the tire swing to soak in the fall views of Breckenridge.  
  2. Aspen Alley  
    • Aspen Alley has one of the best trails in Breckenridge—after all, its name was given for a reason! This 2.4-mile trail is just off Boreas Pass above Breckenridge and is sure to not disappoint. Feel free to hike or bike down the trail! Pro tip: if you don’t want to hike back up, you can catch a free Summit Stage shuttle back to the top 😉.  
    • https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/aspen-alley-to-ice-rink-parking-lot 
  3. Sapphire Point Overlook 
  4. French Gulch Road 
    • Not only does this location have access to some of the best mountain biking and hiking trails in Breckenridge, it has incredible views that provides a glimpse of the mining history in Breck, too! 
  5. Blue Lakes Road 
    • Blue Lakes Road is located off Highway 9 just south of Breckenridge. This panoramic mountain landscape makes you feel like you hiked 20 miles to the top of a remote mountain in just a short drive.  
  6. Hoosier Pass 
    • Hoosier Pass is just a 20-minute drive from Main Street in Breckenridge. Located on the Continental Divide, the views from the top will blow your mind!  
  7. Placer Valley 
    • The town of Alma sits just on the other side of Hoosier Pass. As more of a local’s residence, Placer Valley provides gorgeous fall hues without the crowds. While you’re there, enjoy the small-town Alma charm and grab a hot cider or beer 
  8. McCullough Gulch 
    • https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/mccullough-gulch-waterfall-trail 
    • Just outside of Blue River, McCullough Gulch offers a variety of sights to see! Leading to a lake and a waterfall veiling over the rocks, there are many spots to stop and snap a few pictures. Between the picturesque drive up to the trailhead and the hike along the river, the views will not disappoint!  
  9. Drive up to Tenmile Station 
    • Starting at the Beaver Run parking lot, you meet a dirt road that winds up the mountain taking you on a scenic tour of the resort. There are many opportunities for great pictures with views and town in the background. Be sure you have a 4WD or AWD vehicle on this adventure as the road is bumpy along the way. 
  10. Rainbow Lake Trail 
    • This one-mile trail located just behind the town of Frisco (about 15 minutes north of Breckenridge) will provide a short hike to incredible views! You will be rewarded by Rainbow Lake surrounded by aspen trees that create a beautiful reflection of golden hues.