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Washing Away Myths: Why You Should Visit Breck this Mud Season

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Scared mud season is just too muddy? Don’t worry!  Despite its dingy reputation, there are many surprising reasons that locals consider May through June to be one of their favorite times of year here. Ever visited Breckenridge during the holidays or Fourth of July? If so, you already know just how mobbed this small town gets. Breckenridge is 7 miles long and includes one of the world’s best ski resorts, which brings a lot of tourism. Although there are significant peak seasons that bring people from all over the world, there is also a “mud” season in between winter and summer that offers a great alternative to enjoying a Breckenridge vacation!

1.) SAVE big during May and June

During peak seasons it can be almost impossible to find lodging in Breckenridge unless you plan far in advance. Not only can it be hard to find a place to stay, the prices during May are super affordable and the variety of options are abundant. Since there is also a lag of tourism in Breck during this time, most restaurants offer great deals. Top restaurants offer 2 for 1 deals and some even ½ off deals. Eat at some of the finest restaurants and save BIG!

2.) Quiet town – no crowds and lots of PARKING!

If you have ever experienced Breckenridge, you will know that there is a shortage of parking in the area. The town has a three hour parking limit to try and alleviate some of congestion and frustration of finding a place to park. During the peak seasons you can spend 30 minutes or more just finding a place to park. Come visit during May and early June and you will not have an issue. There are more than enough spots to park and you can easily maneuver through town. It is a local’s favorite time of year because of the peace and quit. The town turns in sanctuary that brings a new appreciation for the surrounding Rocky Mountains. One of the greatest perks of vacationing in Breck during mud season is the absence of traffic on I – 70. This major highway is jam packed all winter and over peak summer seasons. What would usually take an hour of travel from Denver can take up to five hours! Visiting during mud season keeps you out of the car and exploring more of this historic town!

3.) Activities

Although the ski resort is closed during most of these months, there are tons of other activities to explore during mud season in Breck. The number one activity to do during the “run off” season is rafting. White water rafting down the Colorado River during the mud season is a must do. The rapids are large and the scenery of the Colorado River and surrounding area will have you in awe. If you want to explore the beauty of the mountains, this is the way to do it. If you still want to experience the snow, try snowshoeing! There is typically still snow melting this time of year which makes it possible to snow shoe at high elevations. If you are ready to get out hiking, there are still hikes you can explore, but make sure to bring some hiking boots as there will be some mud. Another fun activity to try is fishing! This popular Colorado sport is great family fun activity. The rivers and lakes in the high country are filled with natural trout!

Mud season in Breckenridge has some mud of course, but not enough to ruin your adventure in the high country. Take a local’s advice; visit Breckenridge during mud season and take advantage of all the perks during this time of year! Your wallet and your sanity will thank you!


These Winter Boots are Made for Hiking

Need a break from the ski hill but still want to enjoy the outdoors? Breckenridge has trails for every season! You can expect to find a variety of routes, inclines, traffic and all of the above. So bust out the winter boots and check out our list of go-to trails to hike this winter.


Carter Park

Traffic Rating: Moderate

Incline: High

Carter Park is a hit all year long. The famous tubing hill is located at the park as well as the dog park. However, just beyond the tubing hill is a great hiking trail for you and even your furry ones! Normally known for its downhill biking, this trail transforms into the perfect hiking trail in the winter. Take the ridge back for a more mild incline or brave the steps directly to the top of the hill and continue on the venture to one of these connecting trails!

a.) Moonstone Trail

Traffic Rating: Minimal

Incline: low

This trail has a steady, very mild incline throughout the path and is about 2 miles long. The full hike takes a round trip of about an hour. This trail is very packed out so any warm snow shoe will do!

b.) Hermit Placer Trail

Traffic Rating: Moderate

Incline: low

From the top of Carter Park take Hermit Placer trail for a shorter less intense, second half of a hike. This trail is flat and connects to Jacks Cruel Joke.

c.) Jacks Cruel Joke

Traffic Rating: Moderate

Incline: High

Connect to Jacks Cruel Joke from Hermit Placer for a longer trail. This trail has a harsh grade so make sure you have good traction on your winter boots.


Blue River Bike Way

Traffic Rating: Moderate

Incline: low

This path is most known in the summer for an easy biking trail for the entire family. Nonetheless, in the winter the trail is free of bikers and stands as a great, easy trail to walk in the winter. Go as far as Frisco if you are feeling adventurous or stroll down the path parallel to the Blue River for a tranquil hike. A great place to start this trail is to park on main street and walk along the trail to as far you would like to go.


Illinois Creek Trail

Traffic Rating: minimal

Incline: moderate

This hidden trail starts at the bottom of the Ice skating Rink parking lot (on the far end). This is a great scenic trail through the trees. There are parts of incline however, this trail is ranked as a moderate incline trail. Make sure to dress warm, this trail is hidden in the shade for the most part. Take the trail all the way to Aspen Alley and overlook the mountain scenery from the top!


Boreas Pass

Traffic Rating: High

Incline: low

The trail to the top! Boreas Pass is a great hike to explore in the winter. This trails hikes all the way up the peaks on the other side of town. As stated in the name, Boreas Pass is also a road during the summer which makes a great packed out trail to hike in the winter. The endless valleys and mountains surrounding this hike offer an endless array of scenery.

Whether you are taking a day off the ski hill, looking for a new adventure, or are just aching to get outside, these popular Breckenridge hikes are sure to get your legs moving.

Take it Easy at a Spa in Breckenridge

What’s better than spending a day at the spa while on vacation? In a town filled with adventurous hobbies and a laid-back atmosphere, Breckenridge is the perfect place to rest easy. Here is our list of spas for that much needed R&R while on vacation.

Refresh Spa

Services: Altitude Treatments, Body wraps, manis / pedis, massages, facials, microdermabrasion, lash tinting, waxing. Group packages available.

Pricing: $$$$

Phone Number & Hours: 970-547-3624 Mon-Sat 9am -8pm & Sun 10 am-6pm

Location: 75 Snowflake Drive, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://www.grandtimber.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Refresh-Menu-PDF-2016.pdf


Soothe Spa


Services Body wraps and srubs, manis / pedis, massages, facials, microdermabrasion, oxygen inhalation

Pricing: $$$$

Phone number & Hours: 970-547-8701 Mon – Sun 8am-10pm

Location: 1979 Ski Hill Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://www.grandlodgeonpeak7.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/soothe_spa_menu_16_WEB.pdf


The Spa at Breckenridge


Services: massages, facials, scrubs, body wraps, facials, waxing, lash & brow tinting. Group packages available.

Pricing $$$

Phone Number & Hours: 970-453-8757 Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

Location: 42 Snowflake Drive, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://www.beaverrun.com/breckenridge-spa-resort


Alpine Spa & Salon

Services: Massages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, manis / pedis, waxing, hair services. Packages available.

Pricing $$$

Phone number & Hours 970-453-2044 Mon-Sun 10am-7pm

Location 500 S. Main Street Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu http://www.alpinespaandsalon.com/

Sol Impressions Massage Studio

Services: Massages, facials, waxing, oxygen treatment,

Pricing $$

Phone number & Hours 970-453-2085 Mon-Sun 9:30 am-9pm

Location 111 S. Main Street Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu http://www.solimpressions.com/services.html


Breckenridge Bliss Massage Therapy

Services: Massage, Body scrubs, packages available. Mobile service available.

Pricing: $$$

Phone number & Hours: 970-406-0017 *call for hours

Location: 325 South Main Street Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://breckenridgeblissmassage.com/?page_id=10


Samadhi Healing Arts Studio

Services: Massages, body wraps, facials, yoga. Mobile services available.

Pricing: $$

Phone number & Hours: 970.445.8450 Mon-Sun 9am-8:30pm

Location: 245 S. Ridge St. Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://www.samadhihealing.com/services.html

Breckenridge Mountain Massage

Services: Massages. Mobile services available.

Pricing $$

Phone number & Hours: 970-453-7793 Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

Location: 101 N. Main St. Breckenridge, CO 80424

Spa menu: http://breckenridgemtnmassage.com/massage-therapy/


There are plenty of ways to relax on your vacation to Breckenridge. Don’t miss out on Breckenridge’s finest spas and make sure to check out breckenridgediscountlodging.com for the lowest prices on lodging!