Breckenridge Community Gardens

Summit County’s Sustainable Gardens!

Turn off your televisions and turn soil instead!

High Country Conservation Center is showing Summit County that although growing at 9,000 feet has its challenges, our mountain gardeners are hardcore! High Country Conservation Center is taking the steps to teach you where your food comes from and the energy involved in growing, harvesting and transporting.

Currently Summit County’s Garden Network has FIVE community gardens across the county; Breckenridge Community Garden, Dillon Valley Elementary Garden, Nancy’s Community Garden in Frisco, Silvana’s Community Garden in Silverthorne, and the Living Classroom Garden and Greenhouse also in Frisco. Growing season is from May – September and plots are open to the public. If you still want to get your hands dirty Dillon Valley has 6 plots available. Click here to learn more.

We are in our second year managing plots at the Breckenridge Community Garden. This summer we have 5 plots each with 7-10 team members. Fellow gardener, Karla Swintz, says “I love being a part of the community garden. Our team works hard and we reap the benefits!” We have learned in the past two years that right place, right time in the Rocky Mountains is key! Lettuce thrives here and we are able to harvest nutty spinach and spicy arugula from our plot and not make a trip to the store for a head of lettuce!

Need some advice or want to take a class on what vegetables grow best? In a short version, we can tell you that cool-loving veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrots, peas, radishes, potatoes and chard do well in this environment we love! Check out SCGN’s Garden Workshops that offer online videos as well as in class tutorials on how to make the most out of your high country harvest!

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