Steer Clear of Parking Headaches in Breckenridge heres our insider’s guide on some of the best parking spots in town

Gondola Parking lot in BreckenridgeIt is no secret that parking in Breckenridge, Colorado has been an issue for many years. Most in-town parking has a 3-hour limit to help ease the traffic congestion during peak summer and winter seasons. If you are planning on coming to Breckenridge this winter or summer, check out our insider’s guide on some of the best parking spots in town, tailored to the length of your stay:

1.) Single-day Parking for Breckenridge Resort

If you are coming to enjoy a day on the slopes or the Peak 8 fun park, the best places to park for free are the Airport Road lot or the Satellite Lot. Both of these parking lots require you to take a bus ride to the gondola. However, the buses run very frequently (3 times an hour). Most importantly, you can bring all of your ski/summer gear! (No pets are allowed).

2.) Parking for a week-long vacation

Breckenridge is a fairly small town with a straightforward layout. You can walk anywhere on Main Street and get to shops, restaurants and local trails. Biking is easy through the flat downtown landscape and down fun paths like the Sawmill trail. However, if you are planning a vacation, make sure to book lodging at a resort with a shuttle that provides transportation throughout town. If you are coming from Denver International Airport, there are plenty of airport shuttle services that will get you here for a small fee.

3.) Weekend Warriors and Breckenridge Frequenters

If you frequent Breckenridge, a parking pass will save you the time of trying to find a spot and eliminate any stress over having to move your car. The best investment you can make is to purchase a yearlong parking pass. Below is a list of different passes that can be obtained along with prices for each permit.

Parking Packages:

Beaver Run Pass on Peak 9 | Mon-Thurs | $359

Beaver Run Lot and Gondola Lot Parking Passes | Mon-Thurs | $459

Gondola Lot Pass | $169

Transferrable Pass | $499

Here’s a list of other parking options:

Dredge Lot- $12 | Daily

F lot- $12 | Daily

Wellington Lot- $15 | Daily

If you’d rather take your chances on finding a free parking spot, just beware that the town of Breckenridge is strict on the 3-hour limit. Even if you are just 20 minutes over the time restriction, you’re at a risk of getting a ticket. On the bright side, the bus system is very efficient and will take you almost anywhere in town for free. Keep in mind that all lots are closed from 2 AM – 6 AM. But, if you’ve had a few too many drinks, don’t risk getting behind the wheel. Most bars in town will provide you with a “drunk pass” if you ask for one, just don’t abuse it! So, now that you know everything about parking in Breckenridge, get to town soon and enjoy some fun outside of your vehicle!