When you think of eating out in Breckenridge, what comes to mind? A big juicy burger and some fries? Deep-fried Twinkies or loaded tater tots? A steak burrito smothered in queso and sour cream? Maybe even some cheesecake bombs or Nutella crepes? While that all sounds unbearably delicious, it might leave you feeling a bit guilty (and pretty overstuffed) come the next morning. Surprisingly, Breck has a ton of vegan, vegetarian and generally healthy options that will leave you beyond satisfied and free from tummy aches. Check out our favorite lite fares at some of the best spots to grab healthy grub in Breck:


  • Gluten-free breakfast tacos (veggie or organic chicken apple sausage)
  • O.B: basil organic breakfast
  • Rainforest crunch granola
  • Veggie deluxe sandwich
  • Spicy tofu sandwich
  • Albacore tuna salad
  • Hummus salad


  • Acai granola bowl
  • Gluten free and/or vegan cookies and pastries
  • Vegan butter and/or vegan cream cheese available
  • Veggie quiche
  • Tuna salad
  • Coconut milk and/or almond milk and/or soy milk available


  • Fresh juices and smoothies with health boosters made from organic produce
  • Wheatgrass, ginger, turmeric and lemon shots
  • Californian gluten free or wheat wrap
  • Thai chicken or tofu spinach, kale or mixed greens salad
  • Spicy tropical chicken or tofu gluten free or wheat wrap


  • Black bean burgers
  • South by southwest gluten free salad
  • Gluten free turkey apple sandwich
  • Gluten free portabella sandwich
  • Gluten free chipotle black bean soup


  • Smoothie bowl
  • Granola bowl
  • Vegan tofu burrito
  • Sweet potato burrito
  • Banana, peach, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry smoothies


  • Gluten free pan-seared sea scallops
  • Sesame soy crispy tofu
  • Gluten free blackberry elk
  • Gluten free butcher’s cut steak
  • Gluten free duck duck cous cous
  • Gluten free pumpkin vanilla bean crème brulee

So, now you’ve got the scoop on how to treat your taste buds in Breck without having to compromise your healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to book your stay with www.breckenridgediscountlodging.com and save big! Hope to see you in beautiful Breckenridge very soon!!