Sick of Skis? Try Something Different

snowboarder at Breckenridge ResortEvery Year you come out. Every year you get your rental skis, hit the hill and ski Breckenridge. Breckenridge skiing is always fun, always exciting and thrilling. Blasting down the mountain on the latest, best demo skis the shop has to offer is what you dream about. Yet somehow you are not completely fulfilled. You need to try something different. You need a change. This year why not take a day and try a different way down the hill or maybe even a way up the hill. There are other ways (besides snowboarding) to test the Breckenridge snow and these are gaining in popularity. All of these different disciplines are available to anyone and you generally find the gear and lessons or a guide right here in Breckenridge. This year when you are planning your Breckenridge ski vacation and you are thinking about your lodging in Breckenridge think about maybe trying something different. Here are a few ideas.

Snowboarding – Hardly a new phenomenon snowboarding has been around for the better part of a quarter century and is a mainstay in the world of alpine sports even rising to the highest levels of international competition.  It has been said that as many as 40% of snowriders are snowboarding these days. If you have never tried snowboarding, you should. It is an amazing feeling carving down the run on one big blade. Obviously you can find snowboards everywhere. The trick to snowboarding is to make sure it is fun from the first day so TAKE A LESSON! Snowboarding is a little harder to figure out than skiing but once you get the basics of snowboarding down it gets a lot easier. You can really cruise after the first couple of times you do it.

Not interested in Snowboarding? Don’t want to be called a “knuckle dragger” by your friends?  Try Snow Blades. Snow Blades are the name for the “little skis” made by Solomon and are about half the size of full sized skis. Snowblades are usually worn with hard alpine ski-type boots, typically do not have (nor need) safety bindings, and are originally meant to be used without poles. Because they are so short, snowblades can be transported and used very easily and flexibly, and carving with them is nearly automatic. They appeal to individuals of various ages and backgrounds, as was the case with snowboards, when they made their first appearances on ski slopes decades ago but they are still rather obscure. Snow Blades are super easy to learn and easy to get right out on. They are available at most rental shops.

Another option is the snowbike. This is an interesting way of getting down the mountain. Snowbiking is a bit new but if you have been skiing in Colorado before chances are you might have run across a snowbiker. Snowbiking involves cruising down the mountain on a special bike with skies on the front and back. If you are looking for a new way to cruise the runs at Breckenridge snowbiking is really fun and pretty easy to learn for the experienced skier. Breckenridge and Keystone both offer lessons and rentals.

However you choose to get down the mountain doesn’t matter. What matters is that you choose to get outside and spend time celebrating in the joy of winter!

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