Summer drinks in Breck


As the rest of the country swelters in the summertime scorch, folks in the High Country are comfortably basking in Breck’s inviting warm rays and cool mountain breezes while enjoying activities on the slopes… or, while relaxing on a deck soaking in the views of the slopes…. with a refreshing mixy in hand. Why do these ten short weeks cause Breckenridge-lovers to fall even harder for these perfect peaks? Mother Nature serves up summer in Summit on a silver platter of ideal weather for all who enjoy having fun in the sun (which means there’s no need to roast in unbearable heat or lock yourself away in an air-conditioned basement). Because you guys rock, the BOB staff scrupulously scoured local watering holes and lapped up countless cocktails in the name of research, enabling us to confidently bring you the best of Breck’s summertime bevvys. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, and we would never let you down.

  1. MODIS: Known for being one of the swankier places on Main Street, Modis has one of our favorite roof decks in town. Lounge on one of their comfy couches while you take in the uninhibited views of the mountains. We give their happy hour an A+!
    • Staff Favorites: Butcher Block appetizer and a French 75 cocktail.
  2. SOUTHRIDGE SEAFOOD: Now located in La Cima mall, Southridge is still serving up Breck’s finest seafood, but now boasts one of Breck’s best decks for dining (and drinking). With the only raw bar in Summit County and some of the best happy hour deals, you will want to make sure to stop in. 
    • Staff Favorites: P.E.I. Mussels (their signature dish) and a Watermelon Marg (or three).
  3. BURKE & RILEY’S: Enjoy traditional Irish fare, generously made libations and a second story deck in the heart of town. Burk’s is open late, making it a prime spot for nighttime munchies. This restaurant serves some authentic Irish foods like fish and chips as well as Shepard pie. They hae a large patio with some of the most amazing views of Breckenridge as well. If you’re looking for a great place to eat and mountains scenery, this place is the place to go! 
    • Staff Favorites: Irish Stew entrée and a traditional Moscow Mule.
  4. NAPPER TANDY’S: Warm up by the fireplace, play some pool, get a game of darts going or try to beat our high scores at Big Buck Hunter while enjoying one of town’s most popular spots. Napper’s has one of the tallest, most spacious decks in Breck and is a great spot to catch the sunset. Make sure to check out their sister restaurant downstairs, Salt Creek, for yummy breakfast and classic Irish meals. 
    • Staff Favorites: Chicken Finger Basket and a Green Tea Shot.
  5. BANGKOK HAPPY BOWL: It’s hard not to be happy when you’re admiring mountain views while munching on a plethora of authentic Thai dishes including curry, sushi and wontons. We also enjoy their happy hour pricing and occasional live music.
    • Staff Favorites: Pad Thai and Purple Haze Sake.
  6. BLUE STAG: This local hotspot offers both a back deck to view the sunset on and a front deck with a fire pit, where you can choose to eat or warm up by the fire pit. The Stag is one of the prime places to grab a wood-fired pizza, which is served until midnight. Play a game of stump out front if you’re feeling rowdy!
    • Staff Favorites: N.Y. Buffalo Wings and a nice tall B.Y.O.-LD Fashioned.
  7. FLIPSIDE: Boasting the best burgers in town and three floors of seating plus a full bar and outdoor patio, Breck’s new burger joint is as tasty as they come. The coolest part (pun intended) about Flipside is that they make MILKSHAKES. And, yes, you can get them with booze. As a matter of fact, they list suggested liquor pairings alongside their unrivaled shakes.
    • Staff Favorites: Blueberry Pie Shake (with Huckleberry Vodka) and the Flipside Burger.
  8. RMU TAVERN: Rocky Mountain Underground is definitely Breck’s most popular up and coming bar. Featuring a huge deck with tons of seating in the front and an entire yard to play in with another FULL bar, hammocks, lounge chairs, regular live music, and cornhole out back, you’ll never want to leave. Shop while you sip and enjoy the truly unique ambiance of RMU. Charlie is our favorite bartender and serves tasty drinks!
    • Staff Favorites: BYOF (grab a pizza from Giam’s) and the Ginger Spice cocktail.
  9. ROBBIE’S TAVERN: Nestled on the slopes in the Grand Colorado Resort on Peak 8, Robbies is quickly becoming Breck’s top ski bar and restaurant. Owned by locals who know their stuff, this spot comes complete with a huge deck lined by fireplaces. If you’re grabbing lunch while enjoying Epic Discovery or you’re hitting the bar after a long hike, Robbie’s is the place to go!
    • Staff Favorites: Mac N Cheese (with pulled pork) and their famous Bloody Mary.
  10. KENOSHA: This spot rocks one of the best and biggest decks in town with plenty of seating and Breck’s only horseshoe pits. Bring the whole family down for some fun in the sun while you enjoy their amazing happy hour deals and famous steak.
    • Staff Favorites: Brewhouse pretzels and the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde Ale.

Whether you’re outdoorsy in the sense that you like drinking on patios, or you’re an enthusiastic mountaineering activity junky, the decks of Breck have just the thing to quench any thirst you might work up as you celebrate the locals’ favorite season. This is REALLY good news for those of us who like to keep it cool while sipping on scrumptious seasonal fusions without a care in the world (well, maybe one: reapplying sunscreen after activities… or, in between rounds). It’s time to grab your drinking shoes and maybe even pack some biking, climbing, hiking or water shoes, too. The best time of year in Breck is upon us, and anyone who doesn’t get up here will be thirsty (and sweaty) until those flakes start hitting the ground.

Breckenridge in the summer

Shape Up for Summer Activities!

The warm weather is on its way to Breckenridge and we all know what that means… Summer activities are right around the corner! Just as it takes time for our bodies to get in shape for winter skiing, the same can be said for summer activities like hiking, biking, swimming, rafting and all the other fun activities. Make sure you’re ready to hit the summer adventures by shaping up with these exercises!

Here you go:

First, read some basic instructional tips for most of these moves.

**Always consult a physician before performing any sort of physical activity.

  • Keep your chest and eyes up for squat jumps/leg squats.
  • Keep good form – if you need to modify, do so!
  • Never push yourself over exhaustion.


Whether you are an avid day hiker or an overnight backpacker, there is no denying that the first time back from the winter can be tough torunning outside make it up the hills. Making sure your core, back, hamstrings and thighs are in the best shape is the ideal way to get prepared. Here are some exercises to get those muscles prepared!

  • Lunges – 8 – 10 lunges on each leg for 2 sets
  • Wall squats – Hold squat for 15-30 seconds for two or three sets
  • Burpees – 5 sets of 10 burpees
  • Planks – hold for 60 seconds for two or three sets
  • Resisted ankle inversions (take a resistance band around the ball of your foot and push away and then toward your body) – 10 reps for 2 – 3 sets


Let’s face it, there is nothing better than jumping into a pool or river on a hot day. Whether you like to sit pool side or swim laps, these exercises are sure to get your body in the best shape for the season!

  • Butter fly lifts (with two light weights and a chair sit down, hold weights in each hand and move hands straight out lowering them to your feet and up again to shoulder height) – 8-12 lifts for up to 3 sets
  • Squats – Hold squat for 15-30 seconds for two or three sets
  • Push – ups – 10 reps for 3 sets
  • Stability ball (twists with medicine ball) – up to 12 reps for 2 – 3 sets
  • Arm curls – 8-12 lifts for up to 3 sets


One of the most popular summer activities, biking is a great way to spend time with family or get outside and get a good work out! In order to get in the best shape for biking season, make sure to work those legs, biceps, back, and glutes!

  • Crunches – 20 crunches for 2 -3 sets
  • Leg curls – 12 reps for 2 sets
  •  Lunges – 8 – 10 lunges on each leg for 2 sets
  • Planks – hold for 60 seconds for two or three sets
  • Push – Ups – 10 reps for 3 sets


Breckenridge sits right on the Blue River. Though this river in town might not be the place to go raft, just 1 hour away, the famous Colorado River awaits. This is not only one of the best places to go rafting, the scenery is unreal. Regardless if you’re rowing an entire raft or simply helping paddle from the sides, here are some great ways to make sure that core, your arms and shoulders are ready for those rapids!

  • Pull – ups – 6 – 10 sets of however many pull – up you can handle
  • Crunches – 20 crunches for 2 -3 sets
  • Straight arm lifts – using dumbbells,
  • Back extensions – 15 to 20 seconds for 2 sets
  • Butterfly Lifts (with two light weights and a chair sit down, hold weights in each hand and move hands straight out lowering them to your feet and up again to shoulder height) – 8-12 lifts for up to 3 sets
  • Push – Ups – 10 reps for 3 sets

There are tons of different exercises that you can utilize to get in shape for any summer activity! Follow this guide, and you will be sure to experience the best of what Breckenridge summer activities have to offer.

Fat Biking in Colorado – The New Rage!

By now they are getting a bit ubiquitous, so if you are not familiar with what a “Fat Tire” Bike here is a primer. Simply put, fat bikes are mountain bikes that have big fat tires. They are designed specifically to go over snow and other types of rough terrain. Pretty straightforward but the science behind it is pretty cool. The idea is that the big fat tires allow for stability with super low air pressure in the tire. The low air pressures allows for the fat tires to absorb soft terrain and leave the bike stable.fat bike

According to Wikipedia, fat bikes were in use as far back as the 1980’s in Alaska and New Mexico. They were developed for winter trail riding specifically to help on snow trails during the Iditarod and simultaneously in New Mexico for travel across desert conditions. As the 80’s and 90’s wore on into the new millennium small companies made bikes and they were used for various adventure trips including a trip across the Sahara Desert in 1986.

In the last few years the popularity of Fat Bikes has exploded and now fat bikes can be found anywhere bikes are sold from high end bike shops to the Walmart in Frisco. Fat Bike events and trails have begun to sprout up all across Colorado and some ski areas are starting to allow biking on designated trails and winter bike hauls. Many local bike shops are renting them here in Breckenridge as well including Avalanche Sports, Breck Bike Guides and Alpine Sports.

One nice thing is that the trails that are popular with mountain bikers in the summer are also popular with fat tire bikers in the winter. So if you want to rent and go riding, it’s easy to leave from the shop and hit miles of great trails right from there. Here are a couple of ideas for trails to ride.

One last thing to remember is to be properly prepared for your winter ride. Preparing for a winter ride is a lot like preparing for a summer ride only with more clothes. Always remember to tell someone where you are going. Have a basic repair kit, wear sunblock, take water and all of the things you would do in the summer. Also remember to keep your water from freezing. Dress in layers. This is really important as you will go from hot to cold and back again going up and down on trails. Start early. It gets dark earlier in the winter so it is good to keep that in mind and start early or make sure you have proper lighting.

Just remember to use common sense. If you take a few precautions and use common sense you are sure to have a fantastic fat tire winter experience.

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Weekend Events 1.15.16

Ullr ShotskiULLR Fest is here! Come help pray for snow this weekend in Breckenridge and make sure to check out this list of all the activities going on this week and throughout the weekend!

Wednesday, Jan 13th

  • Ski Race | 6:15 am| Base of Peak 8 | $20-$22 registration fee
  • Crowning of the Ullr King and Queen | 6:30 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Breck’s Got Talent | 6:30 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |

Thursday Jan 14th

  • Fat Bike Race | 2:30 pm | Main Street | Main Street, Breckenridge, CO |
  • World’s largest shot ski| 12:00 pm (registration) 4:15 pm| Riverwalk Center (registration) / Main Street for event| Main Street Breckenridge, CO | $5 registration fee
  • Ullr Parade | 4:30 pm | Main Street | Main Street, Breckenridge CO|
  • Ullr Bonfire | 5 – 7 pm | South Gondola Parking lot | 170 Watson Avenue, Breckenridge CO

Friday Jan 15th

  • Hangover Breakfast | 10 am -12 pm| Main Street Village | Main Street Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullr Ice Plunge | 2 – 4 pm | Maggie Pond | Main Street Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullr Bike | 5 pm | Gold Run Nordic Center | 200 Clubhouse Dr. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Comedy Night | 8 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |$25 ticket

Saturday Jan 16th

  • Ice Skating Party | 1 – 3 pm | Steven C. West Ice Arena | 189 Boreas Pass Rd. Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullympics | 3 – 5 pm | Carter Park | 300 S High St. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival | 7pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |

Come join us for ULLR Fest this weekend and help us pray for snow while we celebrate with fun events and activities!

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First Call, First Chair


It’s that time of year again; time to get excited for fall’s departure and winter’s arrival in the mountains! Here in Breck, the electrifying itch for winter has most of us dusting off our skis and snowboards for the upcoming 2015/2016 season. Although the anticipation leading up to Colorado’s favorite time of year is getting every skier and snowboarder’s adrenaline pumping, lodging prices leave most visitors’ wallets outrageously empty. The staff at Breckenridge Discount Lodging doesn’t think that’s fair, so we’ve devised a solution for you. If you’re ready to start planning your next ski trip to one of the best resorts in the Rockies, make sure to book your lodging with Breckenridge Discount Lodging today; your bank account will thank you!