Weekend Events 1.15.16

Ullr ShotskiULLR Fest is here! Come help pray for snow this weekend in Breckenridge and make sure to check out this list of all the activities going on this week and throughout the weekend!

Wednesday, Jan 13th

  • Ski Race | 6:15 am| Base of Peak 8 | $20-$22 registration fee
  • Crowning of the Ullr King and Queen | 6:30 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Breck’s Got Talent | 6:30 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |

Thursday Jan 14th

  • Fat Bike Race | 2:30 pm | Main Street | Main Street, Breckenridge, CO |
  • World’s largest shot ski| 12:00 pm (registration) 4:15 pm| Riverwalk Center (registration) / Main Street for event| Main Street Breckenridge, CO | $5 registration fee
  • Ullr Parade | 4:30 pm | Main Street | Main Street, Breckenridge CO|
  • Ullr Bonfire | 5 – 7 pm | South Gondola Parking lot | 170 Watson Avenue, Breckenridge CO

Friday Jan 15th

  • Hangover Breakfast | 10 am -12 pm| Main Street Village | Main Street Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullr Ice Plunge | 2 – 4 pm | Maggie Pond | Main Street Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullr Bike | 5 pm | Gold Run Nordic Center | 200 Clubhouse Dr. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Comedy Night | 8 pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |$25 ticket

Saturday Jan 16th

  • Ice Skating Party | 1 – 3 pm | Steven C. West Ice Arena | 189 Boreas Pass Rd. Breckenridge CO |
  • Ullympics | 3 – 5 pm | Carter Park | 300 S High St. Breckenridge, CO |
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival | 7pm | Riverwalk Center | 150 W Adams Ave. Breckenridge, CO |

Come join us for ULLR Fest this weekend and help us pray for snow while we celebrate with fun events and activities!

Weekday Warrior

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Five Reasons to Come to Breckenridge on Weekdays

Breckenridge street at nightLike you need a reason to come to Breck anyways. With the great terrain and an awesome town, it’s hard to think of a time that is not good to come. Let’s face it though; Weekends can be crazy and offer challenges that make maximizing fun difficult. What’s the solution? Come on weekdays. If you can swing it, it’s even worth taking a day or two off to manage it. If you are wondering why you should take days off to ski Breckenridge on weekdays here are five reasons:

  1. Save time – Last Saturday I was riding the lift and talking to a couple that had just arrived from the Front Range. It was noon and they were telling me about how this lift ride was their first run. They had waited until 8 a.m. to leave and it took them 4 hours to get to this lift. The next week I was talking to a friend from Lakewood and he said he leaves by 6 a.m. on Saturday. If he waits any later he will be in bumper to bumper traffic the whole way up. Weekend traffic has been getting worse for years and even with improvements like the new toll lane, things will still be pretty rough for the foreseeable future. Try driving up on a weekday- there is never any significant traffic. It is about an hour and a half flat to Breck from Denver on a weekday.
  2. Stay better – Coming on weekday’s means you have options especially if you are trying to set up a close in trip. Breckenridge lodging is built on condo style accommodations and has only a few hotels. If you like to stay in nice large places close to the lifts be prepared to shell out a pretty penny on weekends. But on weekday’s room rates tend to come back down out of the stratosphere and you can book a much nicer room, closer to when you are coming then you ever could on a weekend. Look at discount lodging sites for generally deep weekend discounts.
  3. Live large – Make sure one of the first things you do when you come up to Breckenridge on a weekday is to grab a Summit Daily. You won’t miss the distinctive blue boxes that are ubiquitous around Summit County. Inside lies the free daily newspaper and all of the happy hours, food deals and sales going on in Breckenridge and Summit County. Since the weekdays are less crowded, there is less demand for food, drinks and cheap stuff. We all know the Law of Supply and Demand that says the smaller the demand, the smaller the price. So live large and go out when you come. Your wallet will thank you for it.
  4. Own the mountain – When surveyed, 9.99 out of 10 respondents said they prefer short lift lines and uncrowded slopes. That 1/100th of a person is not thinking clearly. Having the mountain all to yourself sounds way cooler than sharing it with thousands of your closest friends (remember? You met them on I-70 on the way up). Also, it has been proven in countless experiments that you have a greater chance of actually skiing powder on a powder day if that day is a weekday.
  5. Save your sanity – Breckenridge is awesome on the weekend. Town is vibrant and full and life. There is no shortage of fun activities to try and plenty of people to enjoy it with. But if you are looking for something a little quieter, a little less expensive or a little less crowded on slopes, come up on weekdays. If you are looking to avoid the frustrations of traffic and crowds that sometime occur than heed this advice and come up to Breckenridge on a weekday.




Weekday Warrior

Less Traffic. No lift lines. More turns. Bigger smiles. Let’s face it, weekends can get pretty crowded in the high country. Visit Breckenridge during the week and experience less time waiting in lines and more time on the hill. You can also keep more cash in your pocket by saving on lodging when you book a weekday stay!





Ullr Fest Returns for its 53rd Year This January

2013 Uller parade _Carl Scofield-202We think after fifty three years Ullr Fest has become pretty time honored and age old. Ullr Fest started as a small group of locals getting together to “pray” for snow. The “praying” pretty much involved having a big bonfire, drinking a bit (a “bit” means a lot), probably burning (sacrificing) some old skis and generally just partying. Fast forward 53 years to today and Ullr Fest is one of the largest events of the winter with multiple events including a huge bonfire, the world’s largest shot ski, the best winter parade in the mountains and more.

Ullr Fest is a celebration of all things snow and winter. Let’s face it, we get a bit of winter up here in Breckenridge so it just makes sense to embrace it and celebrate it. Ullr Fest is made up of traditional events like the Ullr Bonfire and the Crowning of the Ullr King and Queen and new events like Breck’s Got Talent and the Ullr Ice Plunge.

To see a full lineup of the events at this year’s Ullr Fest click here.

Of course the most important and popular part of Ullr Fest is the parade. Nothing brings out the local flavor of Breckenridge like a good parade and Ullr is arguably the best. Each year local businesses and regular folks build all kinds of crazy floats and each Thursday of Ullr Fest they all line up and present themselves for review in the annual Ullr Parade. Thousands come to see what crazy stuff might happen during the parade.

Come to Breckenridge for Ullr Fest this year and experience what Breckenridge winters are all about, a celebration of all things winter!



Weekend Events 1.8.16

Wednesday,-Dec-30-2015It’s a new year! Will you be spending it in Breckenridge? Take a look at what events and activities are going on this weekend!

Friday, Jan 8th:

  • Dog Sledding Adventure | Times vary – reservation required | Good Times Adventures | 6061 Tiger Rd, Breckenridge CO | $40-75
  • Saloon Tour | 5 – 6:30 pm | Breckenridge Welcome Center | 203 S Main St, Breckenridge CO | $15/Adult

Saturday, Jan 9th:

  • Snowmobiling | Times vary – reservation required | Good Times Adventures | 6061 Tiger Rd, Breckenridge CO | Prices vary
  • Historic Tour of Breckenridge | 11 – 12:30 pm or 1:30 – 3 pm | Breckenridge Welcome Center |203 S Main St, Breckenridge CO | $10/Adult, $5/Child
  • Frozen Themed Public Skate | 1:30 – 3:30 pm | Stephen C. West Ice Arena | 189 Boreas Pass Road, Breckenridge CO

Sunday, Jan 10th:

  • Guided Snowshoe Hike | 11:30 – 1 pm ; reservation required| Gold Run Nordic Center | 200 Clubhouse Dr, Breckenridge CO | $35 – 65
  • Summit Ski Exhibit | 11 – 3 pm | 308-B S Main St, Breckenridge CO


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Avoid Lift Lines Like a Local


Independence SuperChair |Peak 7

Crowds, endless lift lines and wasting time… oh my! Who wants to spend half the day waiting in line when you could be bombing run after run with no one in sight? Here is an insider’s guide on how to get away from all those people and have an epic day skiing on the trails less traveled. From the busiest to the least crowded Breckenridge peaks, here are some tips and tricks on where to go.

For reference, here is a map of Breckenridge Ski Resort.

PEAK 8 |    ♦♦ 

The base of Peak 8 can get pretty congested, so try to avoid this area on weekends or busy holidays. Heading to more difficult terrain is how you will be able to avoid crowds on Peak 8, but if you’re not quite ready for those high alpine bowls and double black diamonds, have no fear. There are plenty more ways to avoid people while cruising easy and intermediate terrain. Check out our tips on Peaks 9, 7 and 6 below.

The Colorado SuperChair tends to attract heavy lift lines. The secret here is to head left at the top, and hit all those black and double back diamond runs that face the south side. Then, you can load up on the mid-point of the Peak 8 SuperConnect and keep lapping those black diamonds. Not too many people utilize this. Bonus: These trails are located in a valley, so on cold days this is a good spot to keep out of the wind and stay a little warmer.

From this area, you can catch 6-Chair, which will give you access to black and double black diamond runs with minimal people around. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, take the Imperial Express SuperChair to the summit of Peak 8 and revel in terrain accessed by the highest chair lift in America.

Hopping on E-Chair to get to the north side of Peak 9 is also a great option where you will have access to awesome double black diamond runs. This also happens to be the easiest way to get from Peak 8 to Peak 9. No cat walks, woohoo!

If you don’t want to deal with the Colorado SuperChair at all, just head over to the Rocky Mountain SuperChair where there is a little more difficult terrain directly under the lift, which usually means less people.

PEAK 9 |   ♦♦

Peak 9 has a lot of amazing intermediate terrain, so if you want to avoid the face-melting double black diamonds as well as the crowds, read on.

The base of this mountain can get fairly busy because ski school is over here, so stay up a little higher. Skip the Quicksilver Lift and use the Mercury and the Beaver Run SuperChair where you can shred blue runs all day like it’s your job. There are a ton of different blues you can take down so you can keep switching it up.

PEAK 7 |  ♦♦ 

This mountain is chock full of fantastic blue bombers. Who doesn’t love those? Cruising down a run with a permanent grin, eyes tearing up from the wind against your face, and heart beating out of your chest…seriously one of the best feelings in the world. The Independence SuperChair is a six-person high-speed lift. Even if it looks like a fair amount of people in line, the lift has the capacity to move a lot of riders quickly, so the line is typically under four minutes.

PEAK 6 |  ♦♦ 

This entire mountain is a great way to avoid crowds at Breckenridge. Peak 6 has above tree-line blue runs, which allow skiers of all levels to get the high-alpine experience without being scared for your life on the way down. There are some awesome 10-minute hikes to black and double black diamond runs for the thrill-seekers out there that will absolutely get you away from the crowds.

PEAK 10 |  ♦♦

Just like Peak 6, Peak 10 is definitely a place to go to avoid other skiers and snowboarders. The bottom of the Falcon Chair is not a base area with bus stops unloading the masses onto it, so it’s a pretty safe bet for avoiding crowds. For years and years, Peak 10 had some blue/black runs which brought more visitors, but they’ve designated the entire mountain as black diamond. The runs are the same but it intimidates a lot of people, which means more POW for you!

Enjoy easy access to Breck’s best terrain when you stay slopeside at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 or The Grand Colorado on Peak 8. Find the best lodging deals in Breckenridge and family-friendly ski-in, ski-out lodging with these Grand Lodge on Peak 7 promotional rates.